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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Fine her...

You want to know why i say fine her? yes call me any time any day i will say it again. There is one thing about life it has no duplicate take what ever it's you want in it and make the best use of it. You are there waiting for the light one to come and still you are here crying and begging God to help you locate your bone of your bone love of your life but she is some were looking for you. you must fine her now time has no duplicate as well, If you start now by the time the day get dark. The only resin why you must fine her is because she is also looking for you and you know what will happen when she get tiered of looking: she may look else were and you will never get to meet her. Now this is what will be happening' you on the other hand will satin get tiered. how dose happen both of you must have come in contact with each other one place or the other and things did not go well but some thing never left both of you and that is divine you can never see of fill it in any other person in this life at this point the only thing remaining is for you to move forward and live the pass behind and you got your self in to another one you like each other but deep down in one of you never like the other just forcing his or her self to be good and when some thing goes wrong only then you see that some body never like you. It's all pretending. You know lots of shit happen all the time but not enough to tier apart the lovers who loves body and soul no matter what happen in their life can not change what they use to fill for each other nothing can come in between both of you. the resin is this what you both shier for each other not natural but divine it was given to you by God almighty free of charge but has price to pay the price is not common what both of you will experience will nearly cost you' your relationship but for the reward behind it you will come out to champions. so for this resin you must look for her on time when you still have time before it will be too late......fined her now.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

good firends.

I try to be good no matter what i have been going through and i don't care what my out come will be all i have ever do is be like all the good men i meet in my life. still things never get better even in cost of doing that i go through lot of pain and that is ok for me, out of abundant of the heart the mouth speaket and that is just me and nothing earls. to my good firends out this my cry all day long fine by me i don't need your pity.  

what can i do .

living in pass for all i have don until this day came, i do not know if this is true or lie all i have don is to believe it in my heart . why because some body need my help but so far away with the little light has just appear some were i hope i not long but all the same she need my help. light now all i need to do is just forecast on what i must do which is to get her the help she need. and stop living in the past.