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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Actress Tonto Dike Battles Ibadan Politician Rotimi Ajanaku Over N5million Debt

.Alleged moneybag and ibadan politician Rotimi ajanaku (who is rumoured to be eyeing the presidential elections come 2015) is at the centre of a messy debt scandal involving him and actress tonto dike.
According to insider report

"Tonto was introduced to rotimi by fat yoruba actress eniola badmus. And both became friendly to the extent that when rotimi ran into debt in january this year,he called tonto and begged her for a loan explaining that he needed to settle the bills of the lady who had delivered a baby for him amongst other bills. He asked for a loan of N5million which she gave him and he promised to pay her back after five days when the cheque he was expecting cleared but he didn't redeem his promise and instead began to dodge the actress even to the extent of deleting her from his blackberry friendslist and refusing to take her calls".

 squealer continues"the actress gave the 'oni-igbese' an ultimatum to pay the borrowed sum or she would involve other friends but Mr ajanaku did not respond. The actress finally told their mutual friends about it,the mutual friends now informed the actress to step back and join the list of ladies waiting to collect back their monies from the suave talking politician who becomes incommunicado the minute he collects any loan."

From the look of this story the borrowed money has probably gone down the drain but I urge tonto to donate money to charity next time instead of allowing herself become a victim of local scam!....tonto shine those your eyes biko!
As for the alleged 'oni-igbese' please stop borrowing money from ladies and doing the vanishing act,the law of karma will soon catch up with you!............selah

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