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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Five Sexiest Male Celebrities In Ngeria and Ghana

We are about to make the rest of your day amazing! Allow me to serve you the most gorgeous and sexiest “meal” ever!
We have, below, the Top 5 Celebrity Men on this Part of the Globe who make our hearts skip (in no particular order)!

1. Chris Attoh

God took his time - moulded his nose, shaped his lips, put a sexy blush to his skin, and voila! One of the most handsome creatures on the face of the earth was made!
Chris has had his hands in the entertainment pie for a while. He has worked as an OAP in Ghana’s Groove FM and Choice FM, and also on Show Time a TV show in Ghana. But we all know him and fell in love with him as a cast on Tinsel.

Stella Amaechi: “Chris is a stunner. There are not too many guys blessed with such hotness. He obviously chose the right path in his career. His looks will make any woman turn purple in embarrassment”

2. Peter Okoye (P Square)

One-half of the P-square sensation is a sex symbol! Peter has a body sculpted like a god. He takes his time to look good, and it shows anytime he takes off his shirt- which he does quite often. Being so ridiculously sexy is a lot of hard work, and the ladies appreciate it!

Nneka Obi: Peter is just an amazing piece of work.
There’s no better way to say it - he is hot, and he gets all the right poses in his pictures to show just how delicious his body is. And to top that, he is rich. A magical combination that works everytime!

3. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Ebuka is a complete package of looks, style, brains, and finesse. The dude can be anything he wishes to be. He is vast in politics, sound in entertainment, and a lawyer, a red-carpet delight, cerebral and sharp-witted.

It’s a package that comes one in a hundred men! And there’s also that sense of modesty that makes him oh-so sexy!
Ebuka is the dude you want to wake up next to; every woman wants a smart guy not too far away from her!
Tolu Adeolu: The good thing about Ebuka is that he has evolved. A smart guy with a good sense of dressing is the sexiest thing ever!

4. Lynxxx

If Lynxxx didn’t make it to the top 5, it’ll be a crime. He is the epitome of the perfect male form. A very good looking guy - the kind of guy that you think his looks is just enough, why does he need to be brainy or talented? Now that is what makes Lynxxx an exception, his talent is just as delightful as his appearance.

Juliet Edet: "Lynxxx is the kind of hotness best-selling magazines is made of!
There’s no flaw to his appearance. From top to bottom he has everything in the right size."

5. Flavour N’abania

Have you seen Flavour bare-chested? Is it not the most gorgeous display ever?
Flavour’s music is embellished with the musician’s well-kept body - lithe, slim, with muscle contours and outlines in all the right places.
He is our newest crush and we just had to show him off! His music and his beautiful abs is worth more than silver and gold.

Ijeoma Ogbu: "Flavour was a surprise, really. I didn’t expect he would look so good after listening to his music - which is good by the way; I just thought he’d look like a Timaya. But when I watched his video, I became a fan instantly."
The guy looks really chew-able!

(No Lies) What do you think?

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