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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Calabar Man Impregnates Father’s Wife

A young man, Emmanuel Okon Akpan of Okoyong community in Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State, Southsouth Nigeria, shocked residents of the area when he engaged in a faceoff with his father for allegedly snatching the old man’s wife, Agnes Akpan.

The trouble appears to have reached a point of no reconciliation as the young man has also impregnated the woman, claiming he so much loves her.

The man, who is currently in detention at the Federal Housing Police Station, is to explain to the police what relationship he has with his father’s wife that has culminated in pregnancy.

The man was heard at the police station lamenting that his first son Emmanuel “has snatched my wife that I just married not long ago.”

Mr. Akpan said he is a widower who lost his first wife some years ago, and had been single until recently when he decided to marry Agnes in order to have someone to assist him wash his clothes and prepare his meals.

He told the Investigation Police Officers (IPO) at the Federal Housing Police Station that he had not savoured the warmth of his newly married wife up to a year when he suddenly suspected that his son was having affairs with her.

“What culminated in the pregnancy started when the boy started courting my wife with gifts, wears and money, telling her that he was ready to take good care of her and the lady fell for him.”

He said after his son swept the lady’s heart, she started avoiding him.

“She was always in my son’s one room apartment, even at odd times of the night.”

The son, who did not deny having carnal knowledge of his father’s wife, claimed that while his father was in the process of bringing Agnes home, he thought the man was engaging the lady for him.

“Since she is a young lady I thought my father may be unable to satisfy her sexually,” he added.

Agnes and the son were alleged to have started calling Mr. Akpan an old man, claiming the man was disturbing their life. This prompted the man to report to the police.

Sources said the man went berserk recently, after realising that his wife was pregnant for his son; threatening to kill both of them.

Some family members who said they did not want the face-off to result in bloodshed later intervened.

At press time, some of the family members were said to have started visiting the police station, trying to intervene so that the matter will not be charged to court, as they claimed the incident was too embarrassing for the public to know.

Efforts to speak with the State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Hogan Bassey, did not yield the desired result, as the police image maker said it was not a matter to be discussed on phone.

—Emma Una/Calabar

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Must Read for Men – 7 Types Of Women Every Man Should Date

I am going to give men a starting point for the types of women I feel are a good consideration to date. We, as men, know the goal is to have a woman we can love, cherish, hold, and make our wife. Of course what I am about to list is no guarantee of a good woman, but should be used as a foundational guide of what she can look like emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and personality-wise.
Here are 7 types of women every man should date: 7 types of women every man should date
  • 1. Submitted to God – If a woman is submitted to and passionate about living for God, she will be the same to you, assuming you’re a man submitted to God. There is something special about a woman who truly serves God.
  •  2. A Selfless Woman – A selfless woman will understand the importance of working together, sharing, devotion, and commitment for the right reasons. Her motives will be to help make life a little better for you. She will understand that dying to self doesn’t mean she does not love herself.
  •  3. A Simple and Low Maintenance Woman – A low maintenance woman tends to be focused on the truly important things in life. I’ve found them to be non-clingy, very rational, and supportive. She won’t care about how much money you have or don’t have. She will like you for who you are and is not looking for what you can do for her. She accepts you freely because she is comfortable in who she is. She is more about becoming a better woman than just appearing to be a good woman.
  •  4. A Woman Who Can Truly Be Your Best Friend – Friendship before love is always best before a serious relationship.
  •  5. Emotionally Stable – This type of woman understands God gave her emotions and instincts to give man balance. She understands emotions are never used as a decision making tool, because emotions can lead you outside of the will of God. The devil drives us off a cliff using emotions and God gently leads us with wisdom.

Must Read for Women – 6 Types Of Men Evey Woman Should Date

  •  6. A Loyal and Patient Woman – She is with you through the good and the bad. She’s there if you’re rich; she’s there if you’re poor (if you have 2 cents, 2 dollars, or 2 million dollars… makes no difference). She is right there cheering you on and helping you to be great. She will not be looking for other men, because all of her attention is with you. She will uplift, support and encourage you.
  •  7. A Woman with Character – This should go without saying, but I will add this (and this type should really be the first thing you consider for any woman). She must be of a woman of good character. Without character, it will be difficult to even build a strong friendship.
Character is what we do when other people are not looking, but God always knows what we are doing (e.g. A woman who will still entertain men, giving out her number to other men, etc… is not serious about a courtship leading to marriage and it speaks to her character). How she will honor and respect the relationship as you grow together when you are not around speaks volumes about her character.
By Quentin McCall