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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Know some things about people.

Like when you say tell me some thing i have never had before, oh yes" that's is the truth is there any thing you have not had before? at end of every thing it's still what you already know. well you may know or not but i am still going to take about it. I want to be a father, the truth is that i have not seen the girl of my dream but even at that i just want to be a father like no other thing matters. why are my saying this? may be i am desperate or a little bit palanoy the resin some of my friends have at list one one with there girl friends but i don't want to have a baby with a girl i know deep dawn in my heart i will not marry, having a baby with a girl you hardly love all you know you are bed mate is not enough to have baby and even at that there aways a mistake but how do you intend to give your child all the love he/she deserve from you? the truth is that the mother of your child you will never marry her. marriage is once in your hole life and if you did not get to who you really love you will never be happy in you marriage life and you can not afford to make mistake on one thing you know is once in your life. Still i want to be a Father. but don't no how to go about it........i need you suggestion.

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