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Sunday, 20 March 2011

tooo ba d to know...

to sencier to you al i think of the hole thing is misuderstaning not too siriouus but i gest i long, you tolk it to the hight of insult and were bolt men and god would have a discution on this i am telling you today when their is still time to make a change we can still do it light an opportunity was given to us all this time to make a change but instad we chose to carry it on our mind live me time shall come when we bolt want to let go we can not controll it then it will be come destiny. iam writing to day not because that i am a caword but for the sack of the future today is the time to make the changes. ias time to let go just forget about the pass and lets us move on. thank for your uderstanding....

Blogger Buzz: What’s New With Blogger

Blogger Buzz: What’s New With Blogger

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Stone hearts

funny enough to know that the heart of a man is too cony and can never be trusted. It's easy for you to think that there is some thing in the hearts of men, nothing but evil no good in it. You trust him with your life infacet he is the only one close to you he know your secret, he know your in and put your hope in him with out thinking twice he is every thing to you but one thing you did not know he the last person you can trust but all doing you did and what did get?... betrayed  from the heart you think is the best and you are down for it every thing went long you fill the pain, you all most die because of it. sorry to tell you that this is the heart of man for you the heart that is always full of dirty. light from the begging there is warning against the heart of man. you can never know what it up to always hidden before you. but today big daddy wants you to think will and do not be too fast for answer. thank you.   

Monday, 7 March 2011

who to trust with the job..

who do you trust, on till now i have not find any one. it's had to find some one trust wordy the people you think they had your back are the same people to kill you slowly. is true beacuse they are the only one who knew your secret so is an opportunity them to tune you in they are all ways the last you suspect. with this emortions hiden at back of their mind  it' easy for them but you in the  other hand who have no body to run to this my peice of to you. you can do it alone not just alone but it will beter if they know less than what you do at the middle of it by them you must have gon far, far enogh all most at the finshing touch don't get me long is not like you are keeping secret for your friends no it's calld been self calculative. hoping on friends thinking that they will see you through when things are not going well or when things are little worked up do not trust man kind for any thing. but some are reail friend indeed lets not forget that their are some who will sick to you like grue never let you gofor any resin. on the same resin beacuse it's had to trust do not fall to apply wisdom to all do beacuse you may never know who is who some will show up like friends but wolf in sheep clouth so be for you full in their hand be wise. save your salf some heart breakand obey you instinks but be obsavant and you will find your reail friends they will not lail or diecve you or even betrey you. this is you should how know what  do try this set up some things very reail but you never have intrest never tell any body your intention, in it then wharch how they handle it in their will find who is friend and who you can trust.

Friday, 4 March 2011

He help me.

I use to go some were in my late 17th, then their is too many suffer" i have to work like i have been paid but there is nothing like that. it just that he dosn't like me to lazy for life. he loved me like never befor but to tell you the truth i hate him the more but that is not it's atall, i use to go some were out side the town it's hills like mountine only when i am hideing from him. one day some thing happen!! some thing that chenge me for good just like any other day i left in the name of runnig away from my responsiblelity then geten to my hide out as uesal my favorit sport of siting from the distance i saw that my sport is missing i came closer on geten closer the grand were shaking i stoped for a moment light in front of me the grand divide an earth qerk line light in front of my lage i was so sceared as my weath's about to pushed the already lined grand and i was about to sink then just then some body pulled me from be hinde it was him. the last person i in tend to see. it tuned out that all this while i have been hideing he know were i am and this how he knows the night i left he followed me. and this is how he knows that i may be in denger two nights be for i came there he was there infact my spot all most take him the night but he suvived and escaped. with all this i don't need any body to tell me he just looking out for me and to day i not complanig.www.tumblr.com