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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Is He 4 real Or Its Payback Time? Please Help!!!

Like you all (most) know my story of how my boss got me a personal car in my name just like that as at then..all because he saw me as a humble woman and someone that was good in the job.  Just yesterday while I was marking my 25th Birthday in the office, like the good and nice boss he’s been to me all the years I’ve worked with him and the company, I kept some piece of cake for him and served him with a drink in his office like I did to other managers of the company. I wasn’t on sit, he called my intercom several times and decided to call my mobile, he called and told me to come to his office, I went, and he asked me to sit down...i did. He wished me a happy birthday, thanked me for the piece of cake I gave to him and gave me an envelope, I was actually thinking it was an official document that needed my attention, but to my surprise when I opened it I saw a Hundred and fifty thousand naira cash, I was dazed, I asked him if he needed me to help him go to the bank? His answer was NO...that I surprised him with my birthday cake which nobody has ever given to him all the years he’s stayed in Nigeria , and complimented me on my appearance saying I was looking attractive…that he decided to also give to me something that I deserve as a nice, Intelligent , humble, discreet and a special woman. I was like Wow.. what a gift..all I did told him was thank u sir, am grateful. He went further saying he’s been observing me for years now and that he loves me and wants to marry me..He offered me a cheque of N6.5M instantly to sort out things with myself and if at all I am in any debt, , whatever will be my problem/need..he’s in a better position to takia. av practically done nothing but pondered on this issue.. I really don’t now wat to do..just this afternoon he called me via intercom..i went ..and he gave me thirty thousand naira ... I am totally confused..i no wan chop again...make una help advice me on wat to do...My Professorship no near this case at all...i seriously need help..two heads are better than one.


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